Thursday, March 18, 2010

Seshachalam to Periyar Dasan to Abdullah!

From 'slave of Periyar' to 'slave of Allah'!

Professor Periyar Dasan's real name was Seshasalam. He born in a Saivite family in Agaram village in erstwhile North Arcot District. His father is said to be close friend of Maraimalai Adigalar.

When he joined Pachaiyappas College in Chennai, Periyar EVR the legendary Dravidian leader visited his college. At that occasion he wrote a poem felicilating Periyar EVR. Periyar read it with keen interest and congratulated but remarked, 'The poem is good. But you have mentioned your name as Seshasalam. It sounds like a name of a Iyer - Brahmin'. At that instant Seshasalam then and there changed his name to Periyar Dasan, meaning 'slave of Periyar'.

Now after three four decades this 'slave of Periyar' has transformed into 'slave of Allah - Abdullah'

Throughout his life Periyar Dasan has been a staunch athiest. He used to criticise each and every religion. 'His criticisms were very blunt, aggressive; and I used hear him patiently. I allowed him to pour out fully. Then I would say my version in a humble way', opines Poet Moosa, literary advisor of Islamic Foundation Trust.

He embraced Buddhism a couple of years back. He has translated a book on Budhism in Tamil.
He had worked many years in the department of psychology in Pachaiyappas College. His wife too has worked in the same faculty there.

He is a gifted speaker and his speeches were full of wit and wisdom. He speaks naturally without any inhibitions and pretensions. He has got a vast circle of fans. He has acted in a award winning film on female foecticide 'Karuthamma'. He used to chair many discussions telecasted by various private television channels.

For the past ten years he had been in the search of acquainting himself with the Truth.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to hear that. He was not a hindu. But the critics he made on hindusm is very much heartning. May god bless him

Anonymous said...

Professor Periyar Dasan's real slave of india. why this slave follows the foreigner?

Anonymous said...

akasaath padhidam
thoyam yathaa
kachidhi sagaram
sarva deva namaskaraha
kesavam prathi kachadhi

The way all the water shed by clouds reaches ocean
whoever the god you offer your prayers/worships/offerings all that goes to kesavaa i.e Lord Maha vishnu

ராஜா................... said...

periyar dasan en matra mathangalai ilivu paduthugirar "un matham unakku en matham enakku" yar sonnathu nu theriuda itha nan solli oru muslim therinjikkiradu kevalam unga kuran la hinduism cristianity a kevalama pesa solli irukkuda ??????????????

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